We had the pleasure of hosting Holistic Health Coach and Blogger Hannah Susane last week in Big Sky. She shared with us some of her thoughts on how to stay healthy and thrivin’ while traveling. Check it out!


Hey it’s Hannah, here I am in Montana… in the snow. Luckily I’m warm and cozy in front of a wood stove and the whole place smells like cinnamon buns.

I got the wonderful opportunity to stay at an adorable little bungalow in Big Sky, Montana with a few friends and of course, Finn the now not so little pup. I thought this would be the Perfect time to let you guys in on all my tips and tricks for staying healthy (and happy) while you travel.

If you’re ever in the Big Sky, Montana area be sure to check out Big Sky Bungalow. It’s honestly my dream home and makes for such a cozy and relaxing getaway.


1) Stay at an Airbnb

Honestly, Airbnb might be one of the best things to ever happen for travel. If you’re unfarmiliar with Airbnb, its basically an app where people can list their homes or rooms just like hotel rooms. It’s usually WAY cheaper than a hotel and each place has its own unique personality. Another plus is you can snag use of a kitchen. This is a huge plus because not only can you cook your own super yummy meals, it costs so much less then room service and restaurants.

We picked up gnocchi, vodka sauce, asparagus, peppers, and steaks (for my roommates). It was so yummy and pretty much thanksgiving in April.

We picked up gnocchi, vodka sauce, asparagus, peppers, and steaks (for my roommates). It was so yummy and pretty much thanksgiving in April.

2) Go Grocery Shopping

Even if you are choosing to stay at a hotel, hit the grocery store before hand. This can save you from the expensive hotel snacks and fast food. Grab things like dinner foods, sandwich ingredients, and some healthy snacks. ( my faves are organic popcorn, granola, and fruit salad.)

3) Comfort & Style

Some people claim they dress up at the airport. I prefer sweats and a hoodie , I like to be as comfortable as possible when traveling. It helps me battle stress and just keeps me so much more relaxed. You can still do this without compromising on style!

Click Image to create a morning routine with Hannah

Click Image to create a morning routine with Hannah

4) Stick With Your Morning Routine 

It’s so easy to get out of routine when we travel. Something so small can often have a huge impact on how we function. Morning routines add structure and mindfullness to your day and help you start off on the right foot. You can also condense your current routine to fit in with your travel schedule. Just adding one mindful activity to your morning can make you feel more at home wherever you are in the world. 


5) Get Moving 

No matter where you are, movement is key to a healthy lifestyle. Its super easy to incorporate mini workouts and adventures into your everyday life while traveling! In Big Sky we had access to so many beautiful hikes. Take a look around where you are staying and see if there are any scenic walks, hikes, or running trails. If your’e near the ocean maybe its time to learn how to surf or paddle board (surfing Is my personal favorite). 

You can also exercise without leaving your hotel or Airbnb. There are hundreds of youtube videos that walk you through almost any kind of yoga flow. You can also intuitively move your body and create your own yoga sequence. 

Thank-you guys so much for reading, if you made it this far comment your FAVE place to travel OR one travel tip you would love to share with the world. 

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