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Flex mental muscles that you have never used!  Headwaters Hosting is pleased to present an opportunity to learn valuable skills with us in the hospitality industry. Apply your entrepreneurial passion to the fastest growing industry in the world. Challenge awaits those who aren’t afraid to fail, who thrive in the freedom of being self-reliant and who enjoy creating and critiquing their own work with the support of Headwaters Hosting.


what you’ll learn:

  • Top Tier Customer Service Skills

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Instagram

  • Working Independently

  • Airbnb Platform

  • Communication

  • Troubleshooting

  • Managing Stress

  • Delegating Tasks

  • Scheduling Contractors

  • A Designers Eye

  • Entrepreneurship

Learn well-rounded skills in the disruptive Airbnb industry. This relatively new professional world is fresh and exciting, it’s fast paced and requires quick thinking. Work with savvy millennials who have high expectations. Communication skills will be honed as the co-host will relay all types of information to local contractors, Headwaters Hosting representatives and guests of all walks of life. This opportunity can be utilized as a networking tool and has the ability to open doors for the intern to travel abroad by connecting with the guests they host.  

copyright: airbnb

copyright: airbnb

With a flexible, mission-driven, entrepreneurial mindset, we’ve seen Headwaters Co-Hosts not only find success but also make meaningful life-long connections with open-minded people from all over the world.
— Corey, Managing Partner at Headwaters Hosting


At Headwaters Hosting, you will gain a high degree of knowledge on the Airbnb platform, unparalleled customer service skills and an opportunity to build your own professional profile in an industry that is thriving. Working as a co-host for Headwaters Hosting can be a lucrative opportunity, and those driven to do more will benefit as we pay on a commission basis of gross profits generated from our bookings plus the collection of service fees. Travel perks may also be awarded to top performing co-hosts. Hours of work may very greatly but are mostly flexible. If time is managed properly, this opportunity compliments a full-time job perfectly. There is a possibility of a job offer at the end of the internship where a higher commission and more benefits may be offered. The duration of the opportunity is flexible with a minimum 3 month requirement.  

Photo cred: Airbnb

Photo cred: Airbnb

I try to entertain everyone and put my 200% effort in accommodating every one of them. Showing your hospitality really matters. I always have “ichigo-ichie” spirit in my mind. “Ichigo-ichie” means “once in a lifetime experience or opportunity”. This word and its philosophy originally came from a tea ceremony theory connected to Buddhism. Hosts should do their best to prepare everything for their guests once in a lifetime experience.

-Tara, Headwaters Hospitality specialist



  • Must be 18 years old

  • Have reliable transportation

  • Have an interest in the customer service industry, business, and networking

  • Be comfortable working on a smart-phone  

  • You may be required to work on weekends, and/or holidays. In return, you'll enjoy the freedom to make your own schedule and work from anywhere and have the chance to work with a great team of professionals who are passionate about travel and serving 

  • The ability to work independently and hold one-self accountable


We are currently looking for candidates nationwide, if you are in a popular destination we would love to extend a welcoming offer to work with us. Co-hosts work independently from Headwaters Hosting’s Headquarters and must have an entrepreneurial drive.

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company culture:

Whether you're into sports, shopping or karaoke, with Headwaters we're interested in YOU. Our co-hosts give the same amount of care and passion to hosting as they do their hobbies - people who put our Property Owners and Guests at the heart of everything they do. And we're looking for more people like this to join our friendly and professional culture. 

Most importantly, we'll give you the room to be yourself. So, what's your passion? Please get in touch and tell us how you could bring your individual skills to Headwaters Hosting. If you are interested in this dynamic internship opportunity and would like more information please fill out the form below and a Headwaters Hosting representative will be in touch with you shortly!

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