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As Montana residents grapple with a difficult combination of old and new economic challenges, the opportunities for income made available through Headwaters Hosting can help shore up household budgets and revitalize local communities. Our belief is that locals showcase an authentic Montana and our brand of tourism stimulates economic growth while conserving and protecting cultural heritage and natural resources.  

Photo courtesy of @andyaustinphoto  www.andyaustinphoto.com

Photo courtesy of @andyaustinphoto www.andyaustinphoto.com


an uncertain future:

Montana’s economy remains heavily dependent upon agriculture and natural resources. Sectors prone to the effects of the trade war with China, climate change, automation and fluctuations in commodity prices.

Young adults in rural areas face fewer job prospects and many simply move to cities while less established ranchers face slim profit margins and struggle with the debt required to keep running year to year. Drought and extreme weather can wreak havoc on the economics of agriculture, but the debts ranchers undertake to keep going are a constant obligation. Automation threatens mining and trucking jobs and the rural economies that depend on them. Support for entrepreneurship is scarce as cities seem to corner the market on investment and technological advances.

Headwaters is dedicated to empowering Montanans by working around the blockers preventing local residents from seeing the returns of growing tourism. Outside of popular vacation markets, tourism isn’t as established and less infrastructure is in place to support travelers.  Headwaters aims to bridge the gap by bringing the infrastructure and knowledge of more developed tourism locations to locals.  


economic impact:

As a leading industry in Montana, non-resident tourism adds over $3.7 billion to the economy annually, and contributes to the preservation of historical, cultural and recreational treasures. Voices of Montana Tourism

  • Tourism directly supports 60,000 jobs statewide

  • 12.2 million non-resident visitors in 2018

  • lowered taxes on each Montana household by over $426

  • 42 percent of guests’ spending occurs within the neighborhoods where they stay

Hosting travelers through home sharing is helping farmers, ranchers and energy/mining-dependent households of rural Montana sustain the lives they want to live in the places they love. Headwaters helps local communities diversify their economies, reducing their exposure to downturns in traditional, volatile sectors such as agriculture and mining. We are specialized in tourism development, providing consulting and training services to our clients with a vision of mainstreaming sustainability concepts in the tourism industry.

The growing host community across rural America has taken over the presence of corporate hotel chains in rural America and unlike the chains, puts the economic returns of tourism growth directly into people’s pockets. Many rural areas have almost no hospitality infrastructure at all, Airbnb home sharing expands the economic pie to these residents by offering more options for guests to visit and recreate in off the beaten paths of Montana and the greater United States.


opportunity for women:

62 percent of all hosts in America are women. The fastest-growing Airbnb host demographic is seniors, with over 200,000 senior hosts and over 120,000 senior women hosts. Senior women are also consistently rated as the best hosts on Airbnb.

partner with headwaters:

We are looking to partner with residents of Montana who have extra spaces (rooms, guest houses, campers, etc.) who are interested in hosting travelers. Home sharing can not only add an extra source of income, it can form meaningful life-long connections with open-minded people from all over the world. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Help set-up the space

  • Professional interior design

  • Professional Photography

  • Building of the Listings website

  • Training local residents on expectations of guests in the hospitality industry

  • Technical website support

  • Taxes associated with hosting

  • Safety concerns

  • Housekeeping strategies

Headwaters takes payment through profit sharing we set up with residents and there is no upfront cost to you. Talk to Headwaters Hosting today +1(406) 579-4540 on how we can holistically help benefit you and your community through our services, trainings and consulting in hosting with Airbnb.

Headwaters is ready to help you take the step into the world of hosting. We are a grassroots Montana company that specializes in hospitality, sustainable tourism and are experts on all things Airbnb. If you would like to work with us or want more information please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

— Happy Trails

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A rural Montana host’s story:


Jay and Linda Rost l Baker, MT

Jay and Linda live on a ranch south of Baker, MT and have been sharing their home with family and friends since Jay finished constructing it in 2012. He put in a full daylight basement with three bedrooms and a bathroom, and it initially served a guesthouse, until a guest suggested listing it as an Airbnb in 2017.

Jay, Linda, and their children have been enjoying hosting guests ever since. The property sits on about 25 scenic acres but is right off the highway and minutes from town. They have had guests from all over the world, and some have been here long term as traveling health care providers. One guest even came to do a documentary on their ranch, and it was picked up by the New York Times. They have also had Guinness World Record marathon runners, and many other interesting people, some of whom they have forged friendships with and have resulted in repeated stays.

Photo: @gettingstamped courtesy of Visit Montana

Photo: @gettingstamped courtesy of Visit Montana

Jay is a cattle rancher and also works as a representative for DVAuction, an online cattle auction company. Linda is a high school science teacher and was recently recognized as the 2019 Montana Teacher of the Year Finalist. Their Airbnb income has gone towards Linda’s tuition expenses, as she is now pursuing a PhD from Texas Tech University in STEM. While they don’t have ample opportunities to travel and expose their children to the world, the Airbnb is a way to bring the world and other cultures to their children, and for that, they are very grateful.


Hosts from around the country share why they Host

Our belief is that locals showcase an authentic Montana and our brand of tourism stimulates economic growth while conserving and protecting cultural heritage and natural resources.
— Corey A. Meyer l Managing Partner
Photo Courtesy of @andyaustinphoto  www.andyaustinphoto.com

Photo Courtesy of @andyaustinphoto www.andyaustinphoto.com

Headwaters Hosting defines the Big Sky way of Life by immersing travelers in Montana culture.